You might be wondering  – What is a Hot Stone Steak?

What’s all the fuss about and how can you try a Hot Stone Steak for yourself at Elements Restaurant & Bar Warrnambool.

Well, the answers to your meaty questions are right here at Elements Restaurant & Bar in Warrnambool.  After the ancient method of cooking steak on a hot stone was introduced into the popular Warrnambool Restaurant along with other flavour filled house-smoked meats, people have been putting the sizzling hot stones to the test and keep coming back for more.

History behind Hot Stone Cooking

Hot stone cooking dates back to ancient times before grills and stoves were invented. In the earliest days of sustaining fire, rocks were used to transfer heat to cook food. The art of cooking with heated stones is still celebrated in many cultures around the world.

Elements Restaurant & Bar prides itself on having all the elements of a great dining experience, so it’s only fitting that the Hot Stone Steaks bring a personalised difference to your dining experience, one in which you can ensure that your steak is cooked exactly how you like it.  Plus, there are no added fats or oils are needed making it a fresh and healthy way of preparing your protein.

But what exactly is a Hot Stone Steak?   

Hot stone cooking is based on a simple principle of heating a stone in a specialist oven to approx. 440 C, the food is then placed directly onto the stone before friendly staff bring the sizzling stone to you.  This is where you step in, when cooking your meat, especially steak, the high heat of the stone sears in the meat’s natural flavours and juices- meaning there is no need to add extra oils or fats to create a deliciously juicy steak cooked to your exact preference. But of course, if you choose to add a little something extra, there’s an extensive array of delicious sauces on the menu.

Unlike traditional cooking methods, your meat will not burn when cooked on a Hot Stone; the heat disparity ensures an even cook and will keep your food warm for up to 45 minutes. This gives you a chance to savour every bite and appreciate the aroma of a perfectly cooked steak.

If steak is not your thing, there’s also Hot Stone Vegetable skewers and many more Entrée, Mains, Sides and Sauces plus moreish Desserts to choose from the dinner menu  or lunch menu for your next dining experience at Elements Restaurant & Bar Warrnambool.

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