At Elements Restaurant and Bar, we believe a memorable dining experience goes beyond just the food. It's about the warmth of genuine hospitality and the joy of sharing moments with friends and family. Our esteemed Chef Rakesh is eager to welcome you with personalised hospitality. With his culinary expertise and warm demeanour, Chef Rakesh ensures that every visit to Elements is filled with exceptional service, making you feel right at home.

We now use Mr. Yum for table service & payments.

Elements Restaurant & Bar now uses an app for table service and payments.

By scanning the Mr. Yum QR code located on your table, you can now order food and drink then pay via your mobile phone while your seated. 

Be sure to bring your phone along with you, and Mr. Yum accepts the following payment options: 

- Debit & Credit Card

- Online payment portals ie. Apple Pay

Mr Yum Elements Restaurant

Let's eat. 

Reservations are highly recommended to guarantee


Phone us on 03 5562 3866 to book a table today.